Thursday, February 17, 2011

Live Webinar: Recorded Future for Quantitative Trading

When: Tuesday, March 1 at 10am EST
Where: Web conference (register here)

Join us on Tuesday, March 1 at 10am Eastern time for a webcast introducing how you can apply our news analytics API data to quantitative investment and trading strategies.

Recorded Future converts the real-time stream of news, niche, and other online channels into the only source of past, planned and speculative events on the web. These events range from corporate and government announcements to discussion of what might happen in the future — speculative events. This temporal analysis is the focus of Recorded Future, the analytical tool-kit we’ve developed, and the API that’s available.

The live session led by our Chief Analytic Officer Dr. Bill Ladd will feature modeling experiments showing how Recorded Future data can be used to formulate predictive models of liquidity and volatility as well as returns around “future” events.

We’ll also provide an in-depth introduction to Recorded Future’s temporal data including how we use computational linguistics to extract and index events, entities and related statistical measures from online media to create a robust data set ripe for generating innovative trading strategies.

Register for the March 1 event!

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